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Using the Classic 101 website your privacy is protected and kept secured with us , your personal information is not given out on air by our personalities or used without your permission in any way unless asked to you by our management team if that’s the case someone from our management team will be in touch with you about asking for your information for a contest or a special event but you should recognize that no Internet site can fully protect information so any security risks do stand.


Requesting songs via our request song form or calling in using our phone line we’d like to remind you that our DJ’s have the right to announce ANY information that you provide to us , EXCEPT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER . Your requested song title and artist will more likely be shared on the air, we do ask our listeners to tell us the state that they are listening from and how you found out about us that helps us to know how to improve our listening span!

if you have any questions please feel free to let us know by via email contact@classic101us.com or message us on our Facebook page here and someone will be getting back in touch with you!