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Broadcasting live from Studio A in Mesa,Arizona to your computer screens playing the best classic hits for your workday!

Classic 101 provides the BEST classic hits from the 50’s to the 90’s, you will hear songs from Billy Idol,Thompson Twins, Madonna to name a few with some specialty shows hosted by the best DJ’s around the world,streaming always online 24/7 with no commercials,that is why Classic 101 is Your Home For The BEST Classic Hits!


    We Welcome DJ Grumpy And The Beat Goes On Radio Show

    Help us welcome to Classic 101, DJ Grumpy and his show "The Beat Goes On" the Radio Show going to be live on air every Thursday night starting this Thursday March 1st at 7:00PM MST !

    Learn about DJ Grumpy here :

    Grumpy has been involved with music his whole life –he started playing musical instruments and singing from back when he was a pre-teen.  he is older than dirt now –  he was old ten years ago but as long as there is music in him, he will remain young at heart.

    DJ Grumpy 'Pat" enjoys the occasional bottle of wine – why stop at just one glass.  he is an over-fed, long haired leaping gnome and an over 40 victim of fate.

    He worked in project management for over 25 years and has been married to the same woman for longer than she cares to remember.  What inspired him to be an internet radio host was fond memories of a DJ from his high school years – Bernie Smith from Barnesboro, PA and WDAD in Indiana, PA.  Bernie used to host the summer dances in the gym of our high school and often he would help him set up – but that is another story for another time.

    He is not really that grumpy, he is just surrounded by people that are too d**** happy.  The name of his show is The Beat Goes On because the beat always goes on!

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    We Are Now...... Classic 101 Your Home For The BEST Classic Hits

    We here at Mix 88 believe that change is good so It’s time to make Mix 88 great again,you have spoken and it’s time for us to make it happen, we are now called Classic 101 Your New Home For The BEST Classic Hits,playing classic hits from the 50's to 90's we will provide more specialty shows and live DJ's as soon as we get more due to our listener rating going down the past few weeks, we feel like we let you down as a station so from here on out we promise to provide the best classic hits from your childhood and be here for you because you are here for us, thank you for the support and love you all shown us, we hope you enjoy the new Classic 101!

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and someone will be back in touch with you !


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    Dan Butler Joins Mix 88 As New Co Owner

    To behave of all of the Mix 88 staff members , we would love to welcome Dan Butler as our new Co Owner and Tech Producer to learn more about Dan go hereto check out his bio , we are excited to have him join our team , we are a big family that loves each other no matter what ! Dan has over 20 years of experience around all aspects of radio broadcasting and managing other stations as well so he is going to be a good part of our family !


    Jordan Adler of Mix 88 Management Team

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